What We Do

Wherever Technology touches a project, we have a simple and reliable solution.  Our Clients tend to become life-long customers because of the long-term support we provide and the wide range of technologies we can blend together.  We are a single point of contact for a whole range of issues.


We know that Clients may have had a range of experiences with technology. Some they wish to repeat and some they don’t. Our role is to listen carefully and offer them the opportunity to try out the solutions on the market so they can make fully informed decisions.   It may be just a traditional switch, an App on their phone, a tradition remote control with buttons or a fully functional dedicated touch screen.  We don t want this to be surprise when the Client moves in, so we encourage these discussions early.


​Ideaworks started life as a lighting company.  Our Lighting Team of over 30 people have designed and implemented lighting schemes on some of the most iconic homes and yachts in the world.  Our services can range from some early stage advice on techniques right through to designing, supplying and programming the whole system.  Our technical expertise often allows us to integrate sophisticated lighting schemes using the latest wireless lighting controls to avoid costly re-wiring of rented homes.


Creating the perfect AV solutions for an apartment in Monaco will be very different to a large estate on the Cote D’Azur.  Ideaworks tailor the approach required for each project to the needs of the Client.  Outdoor Cinemas, wireless music, garden audio systems, Family Media rooms or just a cosy TV room are all crafted with the same care and attention to detail.  In the end, it’s all about accessing your favourite programmes and content and we work hard to give you an easy way to view or listen to content ; wherever you are.


Ideaworks has the largest team of Certified Level Crestron Programmers (over 30) in Europe, along with a Graphics and User Interface Team.  In addition to this, we also have experienced Lutron and KNX programmers.  Our programming team deliver our own projects but can also take on existing Installations or just provide ad-hoc programming services.  Having programmed some of the largest Creston systems ever created, they have developed fast and efficient programming flows and all programmes are fully secured in our Programming Vault.


​Recently voted the most important aspect of home services, ensuring a fast and secure internet connection is most Clients key factor in enjoying the home.  It’s also the best way for Ideaworks to monitor the home when its un-occupied.  The IT network delivers your TV and Music Content, internet browsing and your security cameras.  While many Clients are using Apps to access their homes, every remote access they create is a potential weakness that may allow a hostile connection into the home.  Ideaworks uses the very highest security professional Cisco network systems and our IT department are highly Cisco qualified.


On its own, CCTV has limited security value other than viewing live images by a Security Team.  Recorded images can be useful but often identifying aggressors can be challenging and may not result in prosecution.   Ideaworks have implemented a number of large scale CCTV installations along the Cote d’Azur that don’t just rely on reviewing past events or live images.  CCTV inter-connected with perimeter detection systems such as fibre or radar detection, can give much earlier warnings to the occupants of the house.  Thermal cameras are far less prone to false triggers than regular cameras and provide greater privacy to the Client as they trigger warnings any person sized body of heat.  Most people care more for an early warning of an intruder than waiting longer for a precise identification of a stranger.   Ideaworks can design a solution that works to provide you with a greater feeling of security depending on where the potential threat may come from and how much warning you need.

Treasured Projects

Over the last 35 years, we have had the opportunity to work on some of the most incredible projects around the world, supporting clients who are generally immensely private. One of the reasons we are selected is our absolute discretion.

Our gallery includes a selection of images we have been given permission to publish, featuring some incredible homes and yachts we have been part of creating.

As almost everything we do is invisible, we are proud to display these images, as they reflect the skills of the great designers and artisans we have had the privilege of collaborating with.

Collaboration Partners

As a founding industry partner, Ideaworks has forged established partnerships with all the world leading technology suppliers.

Crestron, Sony, Samsung, Lutron, Meljac, Tyba, Harman, LG, JBL, Revel, Steinway, Flos, Occhio, iGuzzini, XAL, Barco, SIM2,

Contact us

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Emergency issues outside normal office hours
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