On its own, CCTV has limited security value other than viewing live images by a Security Team.  Recorded images can be useful but often identifying aggressors can be challenging and may not result in prosecution.   Ideaworks have implemented a number of large scale CCTV installations along the Cote d’Azur that don’t just rely on reviewing past events or live images.  CCTV inter-connected with perimeter detection systems such as fibre or radar detection, can give much earlier warnings to the occupants of the house.  Thermal cameras are far less prone to false triggers than regular cameras and provide greater privacy to the Client as they trigger warnings any person sized body of heat.  Most people care more for an early warning of an intruder than waiting longer for a precise identification of a stranger.   Ideaworks can design a solution that works to provide you with a greater feeling of security depending on where the potential threat may come from and how much warning you need.


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